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A year of dates

The idea is to plan one date a month for the next year. I saw it a while ago on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try for my partner for our first anniversary.


Here’s how I did it:
Step one: Think of some date ideas. I picked some dates that I always wanted to try and some I thought he like might to try. I looked online and scrolled through loads of ’50 things to do with your partner’ type posts. Also worth looking what’s going on in your local area, any events coming up in the next few months etc. Groupon also helped me to tie together the last few ideas. See bottom of article for my 50 top date ideas.

Step two: Decide how you want to put it together. I went into an office/art supplies shop and managed to find a display book and some paper/card. I considered a scrapbook or a folder but they didn’t feel right for what I wanted. I’ve seen them look quite good with envelopes too. Do whatever feels right for you.

Step three: Get some scrapbook materials. I had a lot of these left over anyway from a scrapbook I had made however I got together lots of stickers, transfers, photo holders, different papers, scraps of material etc etc. Don’t forget the glue and some double sided tape or glue dots also come in handy. Shops like the works, hobby craft and qds are good for this as well as local craft shops.

Step four: Write it all down. Plan it. Make sure you know what you are doing on each page before you make it. Particularly if you can’t change it once it’s done eg: you make it in a scrapbook. Make sure you check the expiry dates of any pre-bought tickets! Plan to do it before it expires, write it on the page if necessary so you don’t miss out! Note: I wrote down how many of each letter I would need to make the months of the year which helped when I was buying the stickers!

Step five: Start making the pages. Be creative. I made some pages with envelopes and the tickets inside, some I drew or printed pictures of things to do with the date. Some I made a guessing game (the photo shoot) some I made a whole page depicting the date (go karting, picnic on the beach at sunrise) and some I just wrote down what we were doing. I’ve seen some where people buy gifts to go with each date for example a small prize for a games night date. I’ve also seen (if you’re organised/have enough money) people put away enough money to spend on each date for example money for a babysitter or money to buy an icecream on the beach. I quite liked this touch as it seems more prepared however I didn’t have enough money at the time to do this so some of my dates I’ll be paying for at the time.

Step six: Once each page is made I then bought the date. I did this last incase I made any last minute changes, for example zorbing was going to be punting! I can’t stress enough to check the expiry dates! Most of my dates I bought from Groupon although you could also look at experience days, spas, theatres, events etc. Hopefully you’ll have already planned this stage you’ll just be buying and printing off tickets. Buy earlier if the tickets are likely to run out.

Step seven: Gift your partner, thank me later.
Kim’s date ideas:

Here are 50 of my tried and tested date ideas. I’ve been on or want to go on all of these dates. Bear in mind I’m not the most active person so you could always include active dates if that’s your kind of thing!

  1. Zorbing
  2. Bingo
  3. Salsa /dance Lessons
  4. Couples makeover and photoshoot
  5. Ghost Tour
  6. Pumpkin picking
  7. Ice bar
  8. Winter wonderland (London)
  9. Christmas tree buying and decorating
  10. Games night
  11. Food crawl (starter,main and dessert in all different places.)
  12. Bar crawl
  13. Cocktail night (set amount to buy ingredients for a signature cocktail whosever tastes nicest wins a prize)
  14. Karaoke
  15. Go karting
  16. Spa day- this could be at a spa or you could give each other massages, face masks etc.
  17. Segway experience
  18. Picnic on the beach (at sunrise or sunset for added romance) /day at the beach
  19. Bonfire (don’t forget marshmallows for roasting)
  20. Watch the fireworks, bring sparklers
  21. Theme park or water park
  22. Theatre
  23. Movie night (night in or at the cinema)
  24. Special cinema- outdoor cinema, drive through cinema, bed cinema, hottub cinema- you’d be surprised!
  25. Flower market
  26. Punting
  27. Pedalo or boat ride
  28. Wildlife park
  29. Aquarium
  30. Mini golf
  31. Arcade
  32. Fair
  33. Carnival
  34. Circus
  35. Local fete
  36. Local tourists- visit tourist hotspots you never go to
  37. Day out in London-possibilities are endless here! Check out trip advisor.
  38. Scare day- zombie experiences, haunted house, ghost hotspots check out Google!
  39. Find somewhere with a great view- could be a local park or an attraction like the London eye or the shard. Everything is more romantic with a pretty view!
  40. Swimming
  41. Trip away together
  42. Visit a local farm or petting zoo
  43. Watch the sunrise or sunset -why not go out and do it especially
  44. Bookshop date: go to a local bookshop/library and find your favourite book from when you were a child, your favourite book now etc. Read to each other
  45. Learn a new hobby or skill together- language classes, cooking lessons etc
  46. Soft play centre- some of these do adult sessions and it sounds silly but you forget how fun a ball pit is!
  47. Volunteer together- lots of animal centres will let you walk /play with the animals, you could volunteer at a soup kitchen, whatever floats your boat.
  48. Try something from another culture- I’ve seen Japanese tea shops, sheesha bars etc.
  49. Museums/art galleries
  50. Star gaze-why not wake up in the night and star gaze, remember to bring a blanket to keep warm. You could even visit a planatarium